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The most advanced inspection app for your vehicle

The CarCheckApp is a powerful, user-friendly and efficient inspection tool, fully integrated into Macadam’s workflow. It allows you to monitor your fleet even better, to make driver changes smoother and to improve cost control.

Who is this app for?

Thanks to the CarCheckApp, vehicle users and Macadam partners can now carry out a vehicle inspection using their smartphone.

Lease companies & fleet managers


(intermediate) inspections


driver changes

The CarCheckApp is ideal for carrying out (intermediate) inspections of your fleet. In addition, you have access to a web portal where you can consult the inspection reports.

Vehicle user


DIY (Do It Yourself)-inspection


damage valuation

Do you want to self-scan the condition of your car? Just follow the crystal-clear instructions and you are done!

Transport sector


car check


digitalized report

As a (truck) driver or a hiker, it is important to check the condition of the vehicle(s) before and after transport.

Vehicle traders


commercial pictures


import and export inspection

The CarCheckApp helps you to make a standardized report with commercial pictures to publish on your website via API.

Rental companies


intake and delivery


accident and damage management

Perform a quick vehicle scan with the user. In case of damage, you can easily request a repair cost estimation for your insurance.

Financial companies


stock control and inventory check


takeover vehicle fleet

Have your customers make their own inventory or vehicle acquisition report.

Dealer holdings


intake private lease cars


management of demo fleet

As a dealer, you handle a lot of vehicles. The CarCheckApp is a multipurpose tool-kit to be used at each hand-over.



company car check


buyback vehicles

Allow your dealers or logistical companies to perform a scan of the returned vehicles. Via the portal you can manage the inspection results.

Body shop


estimation of repair costs


replacement car management

Simplify the car handover of replacement cars with the CarCheckApp. On top you can estimate repair costs thanks to the CarCheckApp reports.

What can you use this app for?


By using the CarCheckApp you can carry out a vehicle inspection at any place, at any time. The result of the inspection is a clear digital representation of the vehicle’s state. In addition to a detailed overview, you can also request a cost calculation of the established damage.


The app guides users throughout the inspection with simple guidelines. After the car has been examined and you went through the checklist, you receive an extensive overview of the pictures, checks and damages.

Key-to-key delivery

During any handover, you can easily make a check of a new vehicle or of the vehicle that has to be returned. These transfers go from leasing vehicles or rental vehicles to driver changes or fleet checks.


After damage has been established, an expert can quickly be consulted to make a final cost calculation and a repair order. In this way, the CarCheckApp facilitates the process and avoids discussions afterwards.

Why do you need this app?

Because it can handle just about anything

The CarCheckApp is a powerful and flexible tool for a diverse target group. Easy to use and at the same time very efficient. The inspection template is highly configurable and adaptable to any user type.

Because it saves you time

Leasing companies and fleet managers can follow the progress of the ongoing inspections in the web portal. In this way, you can efficiently control the damage identified with the CarCheckApp by, immediately calling in a repairer or transport company.

For its detailed reporting

After each inspection that you or one of your employees perform with the CarCheckApp, each relevant user receives a detailed report. As a leasing company or fleet manager, you will receive a PDF document containing all information related to the inspection, including all pictures and other remarks.

What are the biggest assets?


The lightning-fast CarCheckApp has been developed in such a way that you can carry out a complete inspection in a few minutes.


Passenger cars, trucks or even motorcycles: all kinds of vehicles can be inspected with the CarCheckApp.


Thanks to the methodical structure of the inspection procedure, everyone can get started effortlessly with the CarCheckApp.


Interim inspections with the CarCheckApp prevent a lot of discussions about damage at the end of the contract.

Some practical highlights

With clear instructions and examples you will be guided through the inspection process.
You can indicate the damage in each zone and add pictures as evidence.
Based on the geolocation, the app knows exactly where the inspection was carried out.

Once you have signed on your smartphone, you will receive an e-mail with the CarCheckApp report attached.

You are ready in three steps!


Go to the webshop

Or contact Macadam to get access to the CarCheckApp. Together we will look at which inspection(s) need(s) to be performed. Based on this we create a personalized template for the user.


Carry out the inspection

Once you have access to the CarCheckApp, you can decide to carry out the inspection(s) yourself or have them done by the driver. If you have any questions about the operation of the app, you can consult the FAQ or the tutorials.


Damage report is drawn up

Once the inspection has been completed, a damage report is generated. This is automatically sent to all relevant users. And you can always follow the progress of the inspection(s) in our web portal.




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